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Saumil Kapadia

Working in a corporate for 2 years after BE, I decided to peruse for masters. I had understood the required skills for software programmers and information security was the top required skill in all corporates. There were hardly any institute focuses on security aspects and Nirma’s INS division was the only group which covered both application and network security aspects. I gained decent knowledge of variety of subjects and I could leverage my expertise to crack Intel Corp. interview and made pretty good college impression showcasing what I learnt in college.


Nirma University gave me plenty of freedom to choose subjects of my interest, do my own research, come up with different ideas and implemented those. I could do beyond the course content and built fantastic resume that people will come looking for. College professor are very supportive and possess domain of expertise making great future leaders.


Apart from in-class learning experience, I cherished college organized national level hackathon challenges, expert coaching for data security, teaching assistance, coding competitions and the list goes on. It was the best decision choosing Nirma University for M.Tech program.

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